Sara Tommasi Public Flashes Highlight Her Full Nekkid Body of Work

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Unless you're a resident of The Boot, there's a good chance you've not heard of Sara Tommasi before. She's a sort of B-movie Italian actress perhaps better known as being one of the ladies of TV and Film that former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi propositioned to be part of his lakeside retreat sex parties (and or very important business meetings in the countryside) and what happened after that proposition, well, that's remained somewhat secret.

But what is no longer secret is the site of Sara Tommasi's lady nest, which she playfully and repeated flashed when out to a fine Italian dinner, in betwixt gladly showing off her own topless cell phone pics to the eager paparazzi. Now, that's a woman who comes prepared.

I guarantee you'll remember Sara Tommasi from this day forward, perhaps not her hair, or even the dress, but everything that lies beneath. She seems like a very fun gal. Enjoy.

(Thanks a million Lira to 'Franco' who just had to share this Italian discovery with his fellow Egotastic! readers.)

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