Silvia Irabien Nekkid Pictures in the Mexican Bunny Will Titilate Your Big Brother

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Okay, so maybe we're a broken record, but we're a broken record with hot nekkid pictures, so as we remind you just how much better reality TV is overseas than in the U.S., we'll also be sharing with you some deep, long, clothes-less Playboy Mexico magazine looks at former Big Brother Mexico winner and Big Brother V.I.P. Edition hostess, Silvia Irabien, a bodaciously boobtastic 30-something from the Yucatan Peninsula who gained fame and notoriety in her noteworthy association with the reality show's South of the Border edition.

Reality TV in the U.S. is almost unbearable in the U.S. But I can see viewership rising, among other things rising, if the stars of our reality show would drop their clothes for the cameras. In fact, I know it would. Enjoy.

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