Sofia Vergara See-Through Top for the Muy Caliente Win in GQ Mexico!

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Oh, how we have waited for this day, this blessed day, to see into the inner workings of the Hot Boobtastic Factory that is the almost 40-something Colombian hottie Sofia Vergara. Now, thanks to GQ Mexico, we get a see-through glimpse into the nipple-tastic world of one of the premierely bosomed women in the celebrity world.

Sofia Vergara has mesmerized men for many years now with that smoking hot curvaceous body of hers, but seeing inside the form-hugging, cleavage baring dresses have been a chore and a half (though we remain ever committed). So just the chance to see her milkers with stars has made us ever so happy today. We're blaring our trumpets here in the office, and, no, that's not a euphemism, we're using actual trumpets. Enjoy.

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