TGIF: Leilani Dowding Hot Topless Classic Beach Pictures Set Our Sails for the Weekend

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Good friend of Egotastic! and all-around British imported hottie, Leilani Dowding, is no stranger to the beach, to looking hot on the beach, and to taking her top off on the beach for Mother Nature to give her an all-over tan. And this is not a new practice for the VH-1 Tough Love star and former Miss Universe pageant contestant. 

Thanks to 'John L.' for a late in the day Reader Find of these classic Leilani Dowding sextastic beach photoshoot from back in the day, when Leilani's hotness powers were just forming, kind of like Spiderman when he first got bit. It's Friday, you've pretended to work hard all week, you deserve a little sunshine, or watching that sunshine light up Leilani's killer body. Enjoy.

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