TGIF Part 2? Caitlin Wynters Provides Some Scorching Hot Boobtastic (VIDEO)

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Yeah, why not double down on the funbags this Friday afternoon? You've earned it, we've earned, and hella hot glam model Caitlin Wynters has earned it with this stunning bit of brunette lingerie leading to no-lingerie look from our friends at Zoo magazine.

Let's be honest, everybody's ultimately working for the weekend (plus a few upside down mortgages), so what says weekend more than maximum mammarial meaty goodness on a woman hot enough to make you lose all rational sensibilities. Caitlin Wynters could make me lose my mind, and all my worldly possessions by merely dropping her top and uttering one oft-heard word around here... enjoy.

P.S. Absolutely be sure to check out the Topless Home Tour Video of Caitlin Wynters on Zoo

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