Thank God It's Funbags: Jodie Gasson Kicks Off Summer With Some Topless Pond Fun

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I'm kind of done with April. I know there's a few days left, but it's the tax season month and even though I don't actually pay taxes since I'm in the 1% (that would be the much less written about  bottom 1%, wage earners making less than 11-cents per hour) and a bunch of other shizz that goes on in this month like forgetting my 'first time we kissed' anniversary with my girlfriend (seriously, are you for real ladyfolk?), well, I'm ready for May.

And I'm ready for this week to end. But at Egotastic!, we don't just end things, we blow them the eff out, beginning with highly respectabled funbaggable glamour model Jodie Gasson and her tremendous tubes down by the pond in an ode to the upcoming summer season. With hot weather comes less clothes on some of our favorite sweet and delicious virtual celebrity girlfriends, maybe not as less clothes as Jodie wonderfully shows off in this pictorial, but summer is the time for dreams. So dare to dream. And, enjoy.

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