Carolina Dieckmann Leaked Topless Cell Phone Pictures And a Learning Lesson

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Thanks to EgoReader 'Hilly K.' for schooling us on the Carolina Dieckmann leaked cell phone picture 'scandal' we touched on briefly in last week's Reader Finds.

First, mes culpa, while Carolin Dieckmann certainly struts the runways of Europe's most fashionable, the sextastic model and TV and film actress is very much quite Brazilian, which of course we should have known, since it is the epicenter of all things supermodel. Second, the leaked pictures are not really alleged any longer, as even Carolina has admitted she done handed over her hard drive to some computer tech of some ill-repute who quickly discovered her ill-gotten booty, or just her booty, and top, without clothes on. And so it goes.

What does this all mean? Well, even Egotastic!, with our group IQ in the three digits, and a median average education of 10th grade plus a couple months has the ability to learn and to grow. And speaking of growing, do seriously check out Carolina's secret photo stash and see if you don't find yourself experiencing your own personal feelings of expansion. She is quite hot, quite candid, and quite revealing. Enjoy.

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