Colombian Film Star Angelica Blandon Goes Bare Nekkid Lady for SoHo Magazine

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Oh, this may not be the be-all-end-all faptastic news of the day for you, but trust me, if you're a young boy in Colombia, you just got Christmas wrapped in your Birthday doubled up with Independence Day fireworks show all wrapped up into one nekkid dream come true in the form of Colombian film actress Angelica Blandon who poses all kinds of topless and bottomless and all-around hotness in SoHo magazine.

There will come a day not so long from now, when no young man will remember his first voyage of self-discovery without the use of the Internet, and, hey, I'm not knocking the Internet because it pays nearly half my rent and one-quarter of my liquor bills each month. But there's something to be said for the old-school ways of turning a magazine sideways and waiting for the ungodly hot woman to unfurl before your junior eyes and make you realize your special purpose. Well, today, a lot of that is going on down Sudamaericana way because Angelica Blandon, with that ridiculously hot body, in those clothesless poses, there's gonna be some chaffing. Enjoy.

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