'Common Law' Star, Sonya Walger, All Kinds of Topless in Flashback to 'Tell Me You Love Me'

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The new USA series Common Law debuts tomorrow night and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention two things. First, the show looks like it might be a pretty funny, fast-paced keeper. And second, if that weren't enough, there's the presence of Britty hottie, Sonya Walger, who you probably remember as Penny from Lost, or Dr. Olivia from FlashForward, and now as Dr. Ryan on Common Law, but before all of that, just before, she was Carolyn in the short lived HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, and she was all kinds of topless.

Oh, yes, Sonya's fuller sized floppy funbags were a delight in that dramedy series, and we'd be remiss if we didn't tease Common Law premiere tomorrow night with these quite topless teasy and totally tittastic shots of Sonya Walger. Enjoy.

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