Elizabeth Loiaza Topless En Fuego Sizzle on the Pages of Don Juan

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We do so love our Colombian hotties, and they don't come much more en fuego than former Miss Colombia, Elizabeth Loaiza, who since receiving her crown has dedicated herself to remove all clothing beneath her crown for public displays of topless affection, and, don't you know, as far as beauty pageants wishes for the world, awesome topless photos beats the hell out of world peace.

In her latest and greatest exhibition of her supremely wicked hot body, Elizabeth gets all kinds of glassy-eyed sultry on the pages of Don Juan magazine, the periodical that would be stuffed under your mattress if you were a teen boy in Colombia, or, me. I mostly just read the articles.

For all the fun we make of the bubbly-headed dreams of beauty pageant contestants, the minute they start taking their clothes off for the cameras, all our dreams start coming true. Enjoy.

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