Emily O'Hara Topless Loaded Photoshoot Puts Ta-Ta-Tuesdays in Delicious Motion (VIDEO)

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Well, we already spent most of our jealous energy last month when we showed you the smoking hot glamour model Emily O'Hara taking off her top for Loaded magazine and the knowledge that Manchester United's Tom Cleverley got to kick his balls on her pitch nightly. Well, now, Emily is in motion in this behind the scenes video of her photoshoot and, natch, seeing her in 3-D is making us even more green with envy, blue in our gonadial regions, and red in the face (but that's from holding our breath).

Sometimes, I wish I could trade in all the wealth and fame of being a blogger (retail price of about $124) for one day of being a world class soccer star and all that massive amounts of hot bodied boot knocking babes that come with it. But I would miss the typing. Enjoy.

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