Former Playboy Playmate Julia Orayen Flashes Major Cleave at Mexican Presidential Debate

Prepare to feast your eyes on your first ever Mexican Presidential debate, courtesy of a model and former Playmate, Julia Orayen, who somehow got the job of passing out randomly selected letters in the debate for candidates to be ordered in their responses to questions.

Now, personally speaking, I've missed all 287 of the U.S. Presidential election debates over the past year or so. But I've been busy doing other more interesting things, like watching the paint dry on my clay vagina sculpture in my art studio slash guest bathroom. But I am certain I'd have paid much more attention, if a female even relatively close to as hot as Julia Orayen was part of the debate process. Wolf Blitzer just doesn't float my boat.

Check out a bunch of randomly hot pictures of Julia Orayen our friends at COED magazine have assembled on the fly.

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