Holly Henderson Topless Lingerie Shoot Ought to Help Clear Up Her Reputation

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She's shagging Premiere League soccer stars, she's starring in skanktastic reality shows about sugar babies who use men for money, and, now, apparently, she's receiving nasty death threats through Twitter (which, for the record, kind of mean you've arrived to an extent). But, through it all, Britty bombshell Holly Henderson has managed to maintain her good cheer, her firm resolve, and, her dignity, but she has lost all of her clothes for the cameras, natch.

How better to fight catcalls of personal turpitude than by stripping down to your silky underthings, and even less, and flashing your buttery hooters for all the world to see, at least, all the world on Egotastic! to see. Holly Henderson has a plan. Ignore the trash, and provide more flash, and if that means we get to see the platinum hottie all kinds of topless, we have to say, we highly agree with this strategy. Enjoy.

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