Humpday Huzzah! Leah Francis Provides The Teat Treats We Need to Feel Complete

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Ah, outtakes. They're like what popcorn is to corn. What maple syrup is to maple trees. And what sex is to dating. The very best by-products refined down to the very best parts.

And for this week's midweek celebration of all things we would like to hold dearly in our hands, if not mouths for some of you naughty men out there, we turn to the luscious two-fers of Leah Francis, who was featured some time ago in the Nuts Big Boob Special, for reasons that completely pass us by at the moment, and, now, the outtakes. A ginormous fleshy delicious soothing visual suckle of all things boobtastic.

Mother Nature really is the most magnificent architect. Enjoy.

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