Humpday Huzzah! Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Outtakes Take the Cake in the Boobtastic Department

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Blessed midday hump of a week when that hump contains the luscious lady bumps of girls as hot as Rosie Jones and Holly Peers, who delighted us with their pressed-ta's a plenty in their April Nuts photoshoot, and, now, the inevitable icing on the cake -- the outtakes. And ain't they a dandy?

How any man could view the delicious DD treats of these two amazing young women topless in little bits of lingerie and not firmly believe that funbags can, in fact, save this world from the ills of violence and aggression, well, that's behind me. This globe needs one amazing virtual suckle from the soothing hot teats of Rosie and Holly to take a collective chill pill and settle down into a blissful nap of sextastic female dreams.

Am I overstating the power of the flesh puppies to heal all that troubles? I am not. Enjoy.

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