Julia Orayen Nekkid Playboy Pictures Will Command Your Chief's Attention

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All the hoopla this week in politics has been on the face (and wicked hot body) of Julia Orayen, who stole the otherwise insipid show at the nationally televised Mexican Presidential Election debate this past week down South of the Border what with her brief, but truly memorably flashing of mucho mammarial beneath a very open dress top whilst passing out letters of the alphabet to the various candidates. (Pat, I'd like to buy a B for Boobtastic please).

Well, don't you know, Julia Orayen has a Playboy pictorial past, and while many of our readers have been quick to point out that news reports of her being a former 'Playmate' are exaggerated as far as terminology, nomenclature goes out the window when the hot nekid girls show up, which is precisely how the sultry Julia appeared in her pictorial for Playboy Mexico. We just had to share.

In a political world where my sad-sack buddy Joe admitted to working one out to Michelle Bachmann one lonely evening, damn if that world doesn't need a serious visual makeover. Julia Orayen is just the super hottie for the job. Enjoy.

(Special thanks to EgoReader 'Pedro K.' for the heads up on Julia's bunny pics.)

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