Kate Upton Barely Covered Topless Epic Outtakes from Terry Richardson Photoshoot

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This has been a Kate Upton week and then some, and we must thank the odd photographer Terry Richardson who somehow gets some wicked hot celebrities to take their clothes off for his camera. It's some kind of magic voodoo power that I'd sell my friends and family's organs for to possess. Alas, my causality memories of asking girls to take their tops off for my Instamatic are mostly slaps in the face or kicks to the groin.

But not Terry. Not only did he get a sweet sextastic photoshoot out of blonde young bombshell Kate Upton, and an amazing'y candid Cat Dance in a bikini, but, now, the outtakes, of the ridiculously hot blonde just five-finger stretching to barely contain her extraordinary boobtastic from becoming hardcore. Alas, Kate does the human hand bra trick a bit too well, although I'm guessing there are outtakes or the outtakes out there somewhere as well! Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

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