Kelly Bensimon Nipple Slips Finally Something Real (and Hot) About the N.Y.C. Housewives

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The Real Housewives biggest problem is that they're just boring. Also, they do tend to look like the mummified remains of ancient Egyptian wives dug up and re-animated for some type of modern museum tour. The amount of facial reconstructive surgery among those housewives is quite stupendous from a scientific standpoint. However, there are one or two of the lot of them boozing, shopping, plastic surgery messes that do still tickle our fancy, including N.Y.C Housewives veteran Kelly Bensimon, who has been down in Miami Beach this week on some kind of 'I want attention' tour working out in public, jogging, playing tennis, shopping in tiny outfits, none of which kind of seemed altogether share worthy with our readers -- that is until now.

Kelly took to the waters off the Miami Beach shoreline and don't you know, off came her top revealing a quite delightful nipple slip. Now, knowing what we know about reality television and its denizen, the cynical among us might say this wardrobe malfunction was more publicity stunt than accident, but in this modern world of fame whoring, it's so very hard to tell the truth from the reality b.s.. So, for the most part, we just try to sit back, ogle, and enjoy.

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