Kelly Brook See-Through Swimsuit Pictures Because Her Cans Can Be Quite Hot

Oh, to be in Cannes in May. To discuss film theory with your nose in the air, to dine on fresh snails with just a hint of garlic, and to come across Kelly Brookin a see-through bathing suit posing for a magazine photoshoot.

Yep, that Kelly Brook, the hotty curvaceous delicious brunette, and, yes, a swimsuit, that while not revealing quite enough, well, see-through is kind of a genius bathing suit material invention (albeit, if you've been to the South of France during Bavarian holiday season, you might feel that more swimsuit material is actually better, just saying, the thicker the lady during August, the quicker her clothes come off on the beach, ouch). Yes, life is pretty good when you're in a seaside resort jam packed with the hot jam of sextastic celebrities. Next year. Enjoy.

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