Kim Kardashian Slips a Nip Leaving Yacht Slip in Cannes (Stay Classy, KK)

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Here's the thing, if even you have publicly expressed your own self-recognition that you have no particular talents, heading to the Cannes Film Festival, which as snooty and pretentious as it can be, in the very least is a celebration of artistic talent, well, you're gonna have to make up for it somehow. Distract people from your lack of talent so as to possibly explain your presence. Kind of like when I used to show up at the girls gym showers and pretended that I was just there to drop off the towels and didn't know anybody was inside. Well, for Kim Kardashian, her go to cover is uncovering her big balloons, as she did in a low cut outfit as she hit the swank yacht parties in Cannes with future fake husband number four, Kanye West.

And, dontcha know, if we looked hard enough, and we did look hard enough, when you're exposing your flesh puppies to extensive degrees is your prime directive, slips will occur. As they did for Kim, flashing a bit of the nipple that will someday be nourishing her adopted Malawian baby for the reality show cameras. Oh, to be n the South of France, where the champagne runs freely and Kim's funbags are unleashed. C'est la vie. 

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