Lourdes Lujan Topless Hotness for a Peruvian Edition of Ta-Ta Tuesdays

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On a scale of 1-10 on how easily we bow to public pressure, I'd give us a 'wussbag 0' rating. But, it all works out positive in the end as I think you'll see.

Through out our historic adventures through Sudamericana we have featured so many deliciously sultry gorgeous Latinas from Argentina and Brazil and Paraguay and Uruguay and Colombia and Venezuela and ... well the point is, we've entirely missed out on Peru, and don't think this didn't infuriate the likes of 'EgoReader from down yonder, 'Maximo' who could not stop about the hotness in his homeland, and even though we knew this to be true, we bated him to produce the wonderful name of well known model Lourdes Lujan and this wicked hot pictorial for Playboy where Peruvian pride is on full display. Lourdes Lujan doesn't just represent Peruvian hotness, she oozes it from every pore in her body, at least the pores we've been staring at for the past eleventeen hours. Just pure sweet Peruvian hotness. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out Lourdes Lujan Playboy page, and to see her Peuvian hotness fully nekkid, check out PlayboyPlus.

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