Lucy Collett Topless Hotness in Red White and Blue for a Memorial Day Celebration Turned IntoTa-Ta-Tuesdays

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I really wanted to run this red white and blue themed ta-ta holiday special for Memorial Day weekend, but, I must be honest with you, I burst well past my plan for three beers only and got to the point when I thought I could dive head-first into a kid's pool laid out on the cement and the resulting head trauma left me unable to proceed with my occupation. I lead a life of tremendous adventure, and quite a bit of ineptitude as well.

But, here we go. The delicious, delightful, and all around double-desirable DD ginger hotness that is Lucy Collett, in red, white, and blue, in honor of the Memorial Day holiday and as a shoutout to our men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces, and reading our site on the down low from around the globe. Yep, we know you're doing it. And, guess what? You're C.O. is visiting too.

Lucy Collett puts me in a peaceful mood, so I don't want to get too deep into our military themes, but, needless to say, we do require the services of brave men and women to keep the world safe for the boobtastic. There are dark forces afoot that don't love the nekkid hot women so much you know. So, thank you. And, enjoy.

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