Lucy Pinder Topless Hot and Amazing in Loaded Magazine

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I saw the movie Polar Express where the crazy-eyed little animated kid learned from Tom Hanks that he just needed to BELIEVE in Santa Claus and then I guess he would get presents for life or something. I don't exactly remember because those little Children of the Corn eyes in all the little cartoon kids in that movie gives me nightmares to this day, but I do remember, that if you only believe, then all your dreams can come true.

For several years now I have believed that Lucy Pinder is one of the world's greatest glamorous funbag treasures. Okay, not that I was alone in this regard, but I did believe that she deserved far more attention, and, let's call it, exhibition space. I didn't need Tom Hanks dressed in a conductor suit to teach me that Lucy's fabulous chest puppies and her hot looks, when properly combined, could bring a smile even to Victoria Beckham's face (obviously, that's not a real life example). And, through all this belief, the time has finally come that Lucy Pinder is getting her due, just appearing left and right and up and down.

In the July edition of Loaded magazine, Lucy Pinder just tops them all with her beautiful round tops and wicked come-hither looks. In fact, I've been coming hither for the past three hours just checking out Lucy. I invite you to experience the same. Enjoy.

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