MIley Cyrus Nip Slip in Miami? Well, She Certainly Looks Amazing

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You by the judge but it sure looks like there's a something something visible form Miley Cyrus yesterday in Miami as she bent down to stroke her puppy, causing many of us here to want to do the same. It's not full on slippage, but it seems to be an areola display of Floridian proportions.

And, might we just add, Miley Cyrus is looking better than ever these days. All the Pilates and boyfriend boot knocking is wearing well on the gravel-voiced pop star as she strode around Miami with her mammarially-gifted-mom-manager Tish Cyrus, looking all kinds of short, tight slinky dress hot. You don't just buy a dress lik that, you've got to earn it. And Miley has. Enjoy.

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