Phoebe Price Lady Nest Flash Raises Commando Concerns in Cannes

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There's really no way to explain why B-movie actress and craptastic reality starlet Phoebe Price was even allowed within the city limits of Cannes this week, let alone making an appearance at the prestigious film festival's red carpet line last night, cause you know, if you let Phoebe Price into your fancy party, she's going to eventually pee in the punch. And pee in the punch she did with an upskirt flash of commando, and rather disturbing proportions.

At one or another of the commercial pimping stands around the film fest, Renault in this case, Phoebe decided she'd had enough of the fancy lady life and went for a full on beaver flash of the cameras, without any underpants, but with some type of dangling... well, I'm not even going to explain, you need to take a look for yourself.

The point is, do not invite Phoebe Price to your fancy parties, people. It's not like you haven't been forewarned. Enjoy.

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