READER FINDS: Theodora Richards Topless, Selena Gomez Lesbionic Kissing, Rosie Jones Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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Yep, it's that time again, seems like it happens almost every seven days or so that we come to Friday, the day we all come together as one big Egotastic! family around the campfire of the sextastic and roast some nekkid hottie marshmallows. We simply could not do this each week without all of you, so, for that, we are ever thankful.

This week's Reader Finds includes what appears to be Selena Gomez kissing another girl (oh, holy days), Rolling Stone's daughter Theodora Richards flashing serious skin, Bar Refaeli looking ever hot pictorially speaking, Rosie Jones from her classic bare-nekkid spread, Danica Thrall once more thrilling 'em all with her tubes, what may or may not be a Kaley Cuoco see-through picture, sextastic wet hot Karolina Kurkova, Britty soap star Stephanie Davis bare-assed in public, Brazilian barely-legal thespianic hottie Laura Nieva, and Raffaella Modugno, former Miss Italy finalist turned sextastic showy model. It's all so very skintastic this week.

Finds and Credits:

Oh, about eight bazillion EgoReaders sent us the photo of what definitely appears to be Selena Gomez kissing another girl. We're still investigating, deeply, penetratingly, and disturbingly closely. Thanks to all who submitted.

Much thanks to 'Daniel S.' for introducing us to the amazingly hot young Brazilian actress Laura Nieva.

EgoReader 'Luke' wants to make sure his brethren check out the sultry hot Raffaella Modugno, who competed last year for Miss Italy, and this year is seeking to become a big time actress and model by way of sleeping with famous Uruguayan soccer player, Diego Forlan.

Kudo to 'coolster' for knowing of our undying lust for Rosie Jones and reminding us visually of one of her more amazingly raw photoshoots for the Bunny magazine.

Thanks to a buttload of readers who sent in the Kaley Cuoco see-through top picture on the red carpet. We're actually almost entirely convinced it's a fake, or massively enhanced, but it's fun to look at, and you guys keep sending it to us with exclamation marks, so we figured we's share.

Muchos gracias to 'Fernando' who shared with us his love of Keith Richards daughter, Theodora Richards, all kinds of skin baring in a German magazine a few years back. She'll be giving you some visual Satisfaction for sure (oh, behave).

Blessings and good tidings to 'Jerry from Brunswick' for his sharing of Danica Thrall in caps from her recent Nuts pictorial. It doesn't get much finer funbag wise than the young and talented Danica.

Goodness to 'Eric H.' for the hot Karolina Kurkova looking might hot in this mini-pictorial.

1,000 million Internet points to 'Ripples' for his noting of British Soap Star Stephanie Davis baring (or having bared) her bare asstastic outside the British Soap Awards this past weekend. Amazing.

And, last, but certainly never least, 'Roman' wants to share that much more Bar Refaeli lust with all of us, courtesy of this Dudi Hasson photoshoot for GQ Israel.


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