Rosie Jones and Sabine Jemeljanova Battle It Out for Boobtastic Supremacy in Our Page 3 Battle

We love it when a totally new and totally hot-chested contestant enters the polygon battlefield that is our Page 3 ta-on-ta weekly showdown. This week we meet Sabine Jemeljanova, completely new to us, though we've already imprinted her entire body on our libidos down to the nanometer, and looking like she just might be a future superstar. But you don't get anywhere in this game without taking down a champ, a champ like Rosie Jones whose funbags have dominated the glamscape for a couple years now.

So, who takes the grand prize this week for the grandest protruding puppies?

Not that we're pushing you in one direction or another in your vote, but you really must take a look at the introduction to Sabine Jemeljanova in the current edition of Zoo magazine.

And most definitely check out the Sabine Jemeljanova topless debut video only on Zoo.

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