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Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Guaranteed to Raise Your Plank

My doctor says I need to start taking my health seriously, and considering he only knows maybe a third of the bad shizz I do to myself on a daily basis (who tells their doctor the truth?) I figured adding a little exercise routine to kick off the work week made a great deal of sense. Of course, I'm not going to exert myself, that just seems so old-fashioned, living in the digital age of Egotastic! when we can get supremely hot celebrities to raise our heart rates for us. Win-win if you ask me.

This morning why not get straight into the yoga way courtesy of so desperately hot Sara Jean Underwood performing the Upward Plank yoga pose in her Playboy exercise video. Now, the thing about yoga is that every single pose sounds kind of boring, until you add "as demonstrated by Sara Jean Underwood nekkid' then it becomes a thing. A hot body exposing stretchy wonderful thing.

Can you feel the burn? Enjoy.

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