Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams Full Frontal Nekkid in 'Take This Waltz'

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It's not often that your dreams meet reality, let alone Hollywood hype living up to its expectation. How many times have we heard about the likes of Jennifer Aniston or Kristen Stewart flashing body parts in their latest movie, only to discover upon viewing that those scenes were either never even shot, or, more likely, the stars insisted they be edited out of the exhibited film even if they took all the credit leading up to distribution for being brave actresses.

You know who's brave and wicked hot and totally nekkid in Sarah Polley's indie film, Take This Waltz? Well, Sarah Silverman is. Buck totally nekkid and showing it full frontal style in an eye-opening, must-see, must-never-forget shower scene that includes Michelle Williams, equally buck nekkid, flashing her entire bare body, and even more so in later making the sexy scenes in the movie. Michelle never shies away from explicit scenes in films. Oh, how we love her completely for that. Also, brave, Jennifer Podemski, let's not forget the third wheel who is quite flashing the bare funbags and lady nest in this same shower scene that has to now be on everybody's Top 10 movie shower scenes of all times (if you minus out the constant cuts to the older fat ladies that is, but what can you do in a chick flick -- you're helpless).

Oh, happy days are here again, or maybe they never left, but seeing Sarah Silverman in the flesh, all her flesh, it's making me coo like a baby with a warm bottle. Worth the wait! Enjoy.

*Thanks to EgoReader 'BMTD' for the head's up on these wonderful visions of nekkid grandeur.

(If you'd like to see the nekkid scenes from Take This Waltz in video format, CLICK HERE.)

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