Una Healy Flashes Her Panties in Snookered Departure Following Hen Party

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Well, a hen party is the Britty term for bachelorette party which is the female term for bachelor party, which is the term for a party where a bunch of people get wasted drunk and glad-handle nekkid strangers because they're so excited to be committing to a life of ever-inspiring monogamy. But I may be adding a slight dash of personal opinion into that mix.

Nevertheless, Saturdays pop sensation Una Healy is preparing to take the plunge but not before she got hella drunk over the weekend partying in a London club into the wee hours of the night, only leaving upon the club kicking her hen party to the curb, or more aptly, Una to the cab where she could flash her panties to the world.

Whoever the man claiming Una Healy's hand in marriage, well, he is a lucky bloke. But we might be even luckier, for we get to ogle her primal regions without evening having to sign up for the 'Til death do us part". Enjoy.

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