Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pics, Nina Agdal Covered Topless, and Minka Kelly Cleave Highlight The Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

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Here's the funny thing. Well, not so funny, but maybe it's ironic, I've never quite understand that word, so maybe let's just call it fortuitous. But some of our favorite sextastic celebrities who work so hard to hide their faces from the cameras in public, can't wait to get into the privacy of their own Tinsel Town worlds and begin snapping away with often very revealing photos of themselves and then sharing those photos openly with the rest of the world. I suppose it's a control issue, kind of like why my girlfriend keeps changing the 'seat' rules in the bathroom.

But, seat up or down issues aside, this week's amalgamation of the best of the self-published celebrity pictures from around the web is really quite ogle-worthy, including Vanessa Hudgens boobtastic bikini pics from the Spring Breakers set, our greatest Dane, Nina Agdal barely covering her bare top, Minka Kelly cleavage, Jenna Haze backstage lingerie, and Adrianne Curry doing what she does best with her Twtipic shows, and so much much more. It really is a slideshow not to be missed. Enjoy.

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