10 Keeley Hazell Topless Yellow Bikini Reasons to Be Excited About Her Comeback

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Poor Keeley Hazell abruptly left us hanging pretty much right after her sex tape hit the digital airwaves. She sort of did a reverse Kim Kardashian. shying away from public attention as the shock of seeing herself getting jiggy with some dude (and if you've seen the tape, you know it was way too much dude shooting himself) along with millions of other spectators took her British sensibilities a bit aghast.

But with what now seems like the return of truly one of the hottest girls in Hottieville, we continue to provide evidence as to why you too should be excited at the prospect of new Keeley Hazell work, including this past year's best bikini candids truly, Keeley in her yellow bikini that does not stay on for long along the beach. Sometimes when I look at her bare body for too long, tears begin to form in my eyes, and I swear, that's why my desk is covered with tissues. I invite you to experience your own emotional rollercoaster. Enjoy.

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