Alleged Kristen Bredehoeft Nekkid Photos Posted to Twitter by Ex-Boyfriend

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A little lesson to be learned here. If you let your super hot cool awesome sweet bestest ever boyfriend take nekkid photos of you, well, when he turns into the worst biggest loser want him out of my life ex-boyfriend, there might be some complications. I feel like I should be giving practical values lectures to the young women of this world, but, I think we all know that various restraining orders and silly probationary laws would prevent such gatherings.

Well, don't you know, the boyfriend of Kristen Bredehoeft, the super hot blonde realtor featured in the A&E reality show, Flipped Off, well, he claimed online that he has a whole bunch of nekkid photos of Kristen and might even have a sex tape and he was going public with all of it at some point. Now, we don't know about all of those claims, but we do know he posted at least one full nekkid picture up on his Twitter, purportedly of Kristen Bredehoeft, which I suppose we won't be able to fully confirm for a few hours or so when an angry letter will arrive confirming the identity.

But, for now, just wonder what it might be like the next time you sell your home if Kristen is handling your financial package. Enjoy.

You can read the full story about Kristen Bredehoeft angry reaction to her boyfriend's release of her nekkid photos on TMZ.

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