Are These Censored Topless Cell Phone Pictures of Snooki and Angelina from Jersey Shore?

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I've got to admit something to you. I really do not watch Jersey Shore, never been interested outside of J-Woww's chestal talents. It's just another clump of MTV craptastic reality programming that is floating around the toilet bowl of lowest common denominator television waitin for a merciful flush.

So I'm zero expert in identifying the star-crossed kuckleheaded starlets of the phony show, including the most famous, Snooki, and former cast-member Angelina Pivarnick, who one Egotastic! reader (Anon) insists is the subject of these raunchy cell phone pictures, from who knows where exactly. We do know there were were bunch of fakes of Snooki released in the not so distant past, and we do know these photos are censored with annoying black bars, which means somebody touched them, but beyond that, well, you be my eyes and ears on this.

Is this Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick? Should we be looking for the photos without the black bars? Or has my 47 hours of straight awake time caused me to wet myself and completely overlook the obvious something or other? Investigate, and enjoy.

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