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Dorismar Scandalously Nekkid and Preggo on the Pages of the Mexican Bunny

Well, now she done did do it.

We already super-dug hottie Latina telenovela and TV comedy star Dorismar for, well, for being super sweet looking for one, but for also having the female-nads to fight her deportation from the U.S. when living in Miami on the grounds basically that her hotness represented an extraordinary talent. How was this case denied? The evidence is right there in front of you, immigration officials?

And, now, dear sweet Dorismar has kicked it up yet another notch, by stripping off all her clothes to appear nekkid in Playboy Mexico while reportedly 5-months pregnant at photo time. Talk about passion meeting fetish. My desire for all things sultry and Latina meets dead-on with a still not-worked-out-in-therapy longing for women with child, bulging at their curvy milk-laden seams. I may not actually survive this one. Enjoy.

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