Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid Photos Put the Ay Caramba in iCarly Actress' Portfolio of Hotness

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We do so dig ex-iCarly thespianic, Emily Ratajkowski. I mean, sure, the thought of seeing Miranda Cosgrove nekkid might be how we envision paradise, but this smaller actresses turn to the nekkid modeling side since leaving teen TV has been nothing short of heavenly.

In one of her latest ventures, Emily goes fully body show of her 20-year old frame in a Jonathan Leder photoshoot that can only be described as jaw dropping, jaw replacing into position, then jaw dropping once more. This girl has a body on her that not only won't quit, you're never going to want to fire it. Okay, I'm out of puns. Just check her out. Enjoy.

(Big shoutout to EgoReader 'Bart J.' for thinking these nekkid photos of Emily might be worth sharing with his brethren (ans sisterthen.)

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