Eva Zaldivar Topless Pictures Because Octomom Ain't the Only Mom That Needs Rent Money

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Okay, so let's say you don't follow Spanish media and television as much as yours truly who has way too much time on his hands, well then you may not have heard of Eva Zaldivar who is the famous or infamous ex-trophy booty call of Pepe Navarro, an older, veteran TV celebrity host in land of olives and olive-skinned hotties. And, don't you know, Pepe let his little pepes go freely into Eva and produced a couple of kids that he is now trying to reduce payments for from his little TV fortune and the entire thing is one big celebrity scandal cluster-f in the country of Spain.

All of which is not nearly as important as Eva Zaldivar choosing to pose topless in Interviu magazine in Spain for a combo revenge slash kids college money type venture, which allows us to see the Ibizan celebrity and realize how easily we too could have really decided to go without protection around our erect... the point being, hey, we know where babies come from. And looking at Eva, we can take a couple steps back to how the inkling that leads to the boinking originates. Enjoy.

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