Hilaria Thomas Flashes Her Bare Bottom Apples in the Big Apple

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Who is Hilaria Thomas? She's the hottie young yoga instructor that Alec Baldwin is marrying shortly for his umpteenth wife. And, yes, when you're a big TV and movie star, you get to boink the stuffing out of your young yoga instructor, even marry her if you so absentmindedly choose to do so.

But, more to the point, or points, or curves really as Hilaria took to the sweltering streets of New York today in a light, loose, sheer dress, only to learn a little too late about the Manhattan trade winds that come with the heat, and, well, buns away! Hilaria put on quite the asstastic performance for the ogling public. Hey, when you're a yoga fitness instructor, the good news is you're pretty much going to look sweet no matter how badly your wardrobe malfunctions. Buns o' hotness. Enjoy.

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