India Reynold and Holly Peers Go Melon to Melon in Our Thursday Page 3 Battle of the Bare Boobtastic

Did you happen to know that we here at Egotastic! are obsessed with the sight of sweetly-ripened, full and harmonious, dangling, jiggling, and otherwise wiggling funbags? Well, now you know our true hearts.

The chance to pit these wonderments of nature, and their sextastic owners, ta-to-ta each week in a battle of chest puppy supremacy, well, it's nothing more than an honor and a hobby that we proudly list on our resumes right next to spelunking.

This week's spectacle of the chesticles features two veteran favorites, India Reynolds, gorgeous, hot, bosom-babe, against Holly Peers, who in a thousand topless photos, has never ever disappointed. Two girls, four orbs, one big smile. Enjoy.

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