Jackeline Arroyo Playboy Outtakes for the Telenovela Fan in All of Us

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Oh, sure, you may not watch the Mexican soaps like we here at Egotastic! Maybe you have kids, or a job, or something more important than drinking a beer in a La-Z-Boy recliner and watching hot Latina chicks slap the crap out of their cheating lawyer and doctor boyfriends (although I couldn't possibly name anything more important). But, thankfully we got your back.

And thanks to that you can now see much more of the ballyhooed frontside of telenovela star Jackeline Arroyo, whose Playboy Mexico pictorial we brought you this past March, back in triple time double-funbagged duty in these outtakes from the same shoot, and just looking all kinds of muy bueno. We are more than happy to share. Enjoy.

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