Jaclyn Swedberg Nekkid for Playmate of the Year Awesomeness Around the Globe

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Congratulations to Jaclyn Swedberg on her naming to the prestigious title of Playmate of the Year for the bunny magazine, which has led to a plethora of her outrageously hot Playboy pictures being exhibited in various editions around the world, including Playboy Argentina wherein we spotted some of the very hottest images of the ridiculously sweet-bodied Jaclyn.

Now, PMOY carries with it both privileges and responsibilities. The privileges I think are pretty obvious. The money, the fame, the honorifics. And the responsibilities, well, looking hot and not being shy for the cameras. And Jaclyn seems to be well living up to those obligations. Enjoy.

Get the full nekkid body scoop on Jaclyn Swedberg on her model page on

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