Jennifer Aniston May Never Be Topless, But She's Still Rather Hot

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Okay, so we bust Jennifer Aniston for basically being a liar about her 'topless' film roles in the movie; and, yeah, we used to bust her saying that she didn't need a man in her life after the man in her life dumped her for a hot actress who liked to wear blood and get tattoos and be super freaky with her brother. But, what we've never stopped doing is thinking Jennifer Aniston is pretty damn hot, especially as she's becoming a veteran sextastic celebrity, well hanging onto her tantalizing female qualities.

Take a look at her new mini-pictorial from GQ Spain this coming month and see if you don't think Jennifer's still got her mojo working. We may never see the juicy parts, but we'll probably keep looking at the humid areas for a few more years. Enjoy.

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