Keeley Hazell Topless Pictures To Celebrate Her Comeback From Retirement

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She's back! The ridiculously hot wunderkind glamour model known as Keeley Hazell, former Page 3 Idol winner and all around hottie through much of the middle years of the last decade, she's back.

You may recall The Day The Boobtastic Died, when Keeley disappeared suddenly from the sextastic modeling scene a few years ago. We heard secret words about wanting to spend more time with family, wanting to take up serious acting roles, a desperation to save the endangered bugger hawk, something like that. Whatever the reason, we cried into our fake Keeley Hazell previously owned panties for three days straight at the thought of losing such an amazing treasure trove of Egotastic!

But, now she's back. With a pictorial spread in FHM magazine just about to break, it seems as if Keeley has re-found her true calling, regained her selfless perspective, and realized that when Mother Nature gives you such tremendous gifts to please tens of millions, there is some duty to drop your top. All hail the return of Keeley Hazell (and we hail her in our own manner, with some amazingly hot topless pictures). Enjoy.

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