Lindsay Lohan See-Through Lingerie Portraits at the Chateau Marmont

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I guess today is a day we can dedicate to the genius of Terry Richardson, weird photographer who gets all the sextastic celebrities up into his Chateau Marmont room and gets them nekkid, nearly nekkid, or just unglued and smiley faced and smoking and just starts taking their pictures on his bed or his balcony (and who knows where else in the unpublished pictures which surely must exist). Right now, there are 100,000 high school A/V nerds out there across this land just dreaming of being the next Terry Richardson, but there's a slot for maybe one of them.

Lindsay Lohan certainly has no trouble shedding her clothes right on down to her super sheer undie for Terry and letting the camera do its work. Maybe it's because Terry has the skills to make Lindsay look like the troubled, but sympathetic hottie that draws us more affectionately toward the parts of her we still like (and you will see a few of those parts if you look closely). That could be it. Or maybe it's just the free drinks and cigs. No way to know for sure. But this is photo work you are compelled to view, must-see viewing for all those who call themselves fans of the celebrity sextastic.

Between Lindsay Lohan and Paz de la Huerta, Kate Upton, congratulations, Terry Richardson, you've had quite a day.

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