Lindsay Lohan Slips Too Far Out of Her Top On Set of 'Liz and Dick'

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You can take the slips out of the nip, but you can't take the... well, you know. Lindsay Lohan may actually be back at work on a legit acting job, but that doesn't mean the long-troubled and often-flashing former ginger starlet has lost her magical touch for mayhem of the skintastic variety.

On set of the cable TV bio-pic of the life and loves of Elizabeth Taylor, the freckled spectacle flashed some serious boob skin in a manner that is actually probably quite true to life for Liz herself, but it's hardly going to pass Lifetime censors. While I want to mock Lindsay for her boobtastic ventures, I can't help but think this might be the only reason to actually watch this movie (alas, it'll be long since edited out of the film). Enjoy.

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