Micaela Schaefer Nekkid in the Streets and Skies Above Berlin (Seriously, Way Up in the Sky)

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If we needed any more reason to put our hearts and souls and hands behind hot German model and actress, Micaela Schaefer, well, she just gave us a whole bunch more.

The sextastic brunette who always causes a stir in barely-there clothing on the red carpets around the world decided just to drop the barely-there part and go completely nekkid in the streets of the German capital, not to mention several hundred feet above it dangling from a crane, all in support of her new All-Star style calendar photoshoot. We can only imagine that the 2013 calendar will look like upon completion (and we will be sure to purloin a copy), but, in the meantime, we'll just ogle Micaela as she provides some adult style visual treats to the lucky passerbys in Berlin. Enjoy.

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