Nina Agdal Covered Topless Bikini Pictures Remind Us Just How Right We Were About Her

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Okay, raise your hand if you predicted Nina Agdal was going to become a breakout hottie star worldwide in 2012. Okay, not that we're bragging, and the fact is, statistically speaking, we're only accurate on about 43.4% of our predictions (bold predictions we drop even lower), but we also have a thing called instinct. And just looking at Nina Agdal gives us the Spidey tingle that says 'super popular girl' all over it.

In her recent photoshoot for Rick Delgado, of which we saw some pictures previously, but never these wicked hot outtakes, Nina Agdal puts on a sextastic show like only those destined for true greatness can. That face, that body, that butt, that everything.

The cream is most definitely rising to the top. Enjoy.

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