Pamela Pombo Topless Pictures Bring Even More Scandal to this Tabloid Princess

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Pamela Pombo is kind of a Kim Kardashian of Argentina if you will, famous for her scandalous behavior, which from best I can tell, includes some lurid nekkid romps with her own sister and some famous Argentine football players, including Christian Fabbiani. Now, far be it from me to judge any situation where big busty blonde sisters want to menage a naughty, other than to judge it as totally and completely awesome and a dream come true. Especially upon viewing Pamela's pictorial in H Extremo magazine this month, where you can kind of sort of tell that this is no shy young lady.

Of course, I'd hate to assume anything about anybody from just their photos, so Pamela, please, why don't you pick up your sister and swing on by my place for some milk and cookies and we'll conduct a more thorough interview. Enjoy.

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