Paz De La Huerta Nekkid Once More for Terry Richardson's Camera

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They do make a pretty deadly combo. The take-no-prisoners, wear-no-clothes gritty thespianic Paz de la Huerta and her lets-get-nekkid-and-take-pictures-at-my-place photographer Terry Richardson.

She likes to drop her drawers and get naughty for the cameras. He likes to click. In the end, while those two are obviously have a boatload of boozy fun, we too get to experience in the visual treaty product, more unclad photos of Paz de la Huerta, who, love her or leave her, is just about the boldest celebrity in all of Hottieville. For all the talk of so many actresses who brag about their bold decisions to go clotheless on camera, then never do (yes, you, cowardly Jennifer Aniston), Paz will flash you her bare lady nest at the drop of a hat, literally, and do so with a confident smile.

Good on you, Paz. And you, Terry Richardson, for your obviously lucky charms.

(Thanks to a number of you including 'Rab M.' for eye-spying this photo-set to share with your fellow EgoReaders.)

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