READER FINDS: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless, Erin Andrews Upskirts, Helen Mirren Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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Every community has its get-togethers. Every culture its recurring functions that bind it as a people. Egotastic! has Reader Finds, that one day a week when all eighty-seven bazillion mens and womens members of this giant melting pot of sextastic celebrity appreciation bring all their dirty laundry and throw it into the cauldron to make the mot magical of stews. Sometimes, it just plain makes me cry like a little child who's just seen his pet goldfish floating in the guest bathroom toilet after his mother promised him it was being set loose in Lake Titicaca. But that's my cross to bear.

Today's Reader Finds is our boldest, broadest, most skin-filled ever, and includes the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stylistically topless, Kate Upton stills from her see-through fantastic moment of last week, Helen Mirren in a classic film flashing top and bottom, Andrea Rincon flashing even curvier bare top and bottom, gorgeous Malena Costa seaside in a bikini, classic shoutout to nekkid Bond Girl Ursula Andress,  Imogen Thomas full bountiful bare boobtastic, Jennifer Metcalfe striking hot bikini pics, yet another wayback machine bit of birthday suit action from Linda Blair, Erin Andrews upskirts at the 2012 NHL, Laura Prepon higher-res topless, Claire Danes pokies in yoga, Kelly Brook pokies of her own, Halle Berry cleavetastic, Aubrey Plaza upskirt on TV, and, what the hell, why not some Leanna Decker topless pictures, just because you all care. It's a ton of hotness. Take your time. There will be a test!

Finds and Credits:

Blessed be EgoReader 'Dex' for his contribution of Halle Berry extra boobtastic.

'Kurtis' knows his old skin-flicks, old enough to find elder thespianic Helen Mirren back in her nekkid movie days four decades ago.

Many kudos to 'Yuval M.' for uncovering higher-res and more beautiful captures of Laura Prepon and Jo Newman topless in Lay the Favorite.

'Churns' deserves a slap on the back for some nice clean crisp stills of Kate Upton see-through deliciousness in her GQ behind the scenes video.

Like your TV show upskirts? Yep, so does 'Mitch' who got a good one of Aubrey Plaza on Conan O'Brien's show this week.

Regular EgoReasder contributor 'Ido' just had to share some beautiful nekkid photos of Playboy CyberClub Girl of the Year, Leanna Decker, and thankfully so.

'Jordan' couldn't believe his straining eyes when he caught and capture ESPN hottie Erin Andrews flashing her upskirt at the NHL 2012 Awards.

Frequent pot-adder 'Jason M.' through in a double dose of nipple pokes with Kelly Brook and Claire Danes flashing their respective highbeams in public.

And neverending additional gracias to 'Ben J.' for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley topless, to 'RJ' for Linda Blair classic boobtastic, to 'Anon' for even more classic Ursula Andress nekkid pics from the early 60's Playboy, to 'Des R.' for Malena Costa bikini goodness, to 'Jaime Jaime' for decidedly hot Argentinean Andrea Rincon flashing her asstastic, and, to 'Dexter' for both Jennifer Metcalfe hot bikini pics and Imogen Thomas topless bikini pics.


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